Lt.Col. Butler // 12 Dec 2005

Welcome to the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment Headquarters soldier!

We are a multi-gaming clan primarily playing Forgoten Hope and Battlefield 2. Our focus is on realistic game play in all operational theaters of World War II. We play both axis and allies, so our skill won't be limited to a specific weapons package.

We also have several members that play many different FPS's, RPG's and strategy style games. So if you not up to pushing that Sherman through the bocage of France, you'll probably be able to find another member playing something totally different.

Feel free to browse around, and if you are interested in becoming a member, click the forums link in the navigation panel and leave a post. Someone will get in touch with you ASAP.

-Lt.Col. Butler

2ACR Forgotten Hope 0.7 Server
Lt.Col. Butler // 12 Dec 2005

Our server is now up and running FH 0.7!

Take a look at the server link in the navigation panel for more information .

-Lt.Col. Butler

2nd Armored Cavalry Misson Statement
Col. Vollmer // 12 Dec 2005

Our primary mission is to field a top notch WWII based match team.

With the upcoming release of FH2 we can continue our tradition of excellence in this format.

To accomplish this we will recruit mature players aged 16 and older and provide the training and leadership required to field soldiers with the skill level and teamwork skills necessary to regain the top position in FH North America.

Each member has the right to an enjoyable gaming atmosphere employing military discipline in match play and training. Each member has the responsibility of the of the rank he or she has earned.

-Col. Vollmer

Forgotten Hope 2 News Updates
Lt.Col. Butler // 14 Jan 2006

Links to the latest updates for FH2...

Click here for the latest FH2 news update

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